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Strategy Execution

Many businesses have Vision Statements, and some even manage to create strategic plans to describe how they will reach their Vision.  Where most businesses fail however is their ability to execute that Strategy.

HSW can help.  We are experts in developing and deploying Strategy Planning and Execution systems tailored to suit your business, from

Asset Management

HSW have supported clients across a number of industries in better understanding their portfolios and how to optimize use of their asset base. We have helped to develop strategies, policies and processes consistently, supported accreditation of our clients through the ISO 55001 application, and structured strategies designed to increase asset reliability and systems.  Asset Management is an essential requirement to achieve world-class performance at any manufacturing facility.  By identifying and embracing the best practices in Asset Management, we have enabled businesses to acquire, operate and sustain the right assets at the right time to deliver their business goals.

Our experience has shown that to become a top-tier performer in Asset Management, Reliability and Maintenance, an operation needs to establish a comprehensive approach that depends on the integration of People, Processes, and Plant.  As experienced MSP practitioners and change managers, we are well versed in applying the elements affecting the performance of the asset through its total life cycle against existing company requirements and drivers. Our structured approach allows the complex issues related to performance improvement to be understood and controlled in an efficient manner.

Visual Management

The use of metrics to determine performance are key tools applied throughout business,

The purpose of service plans is to clearly think about and document how we seek to achieve our ambitions and objectives, as described in the Corporate Plan, in practical terms at service level.

Portfolio, Programme & Project Management & Recovery

One common practice found across most industries is Project Management. As a way of introducing new products, functions, or services into an organization, the discipline of Project Management is used to coordinate and manage activities towards a desired goal. People have realized that adhering to a well-defined and rigorous process makes a significant difference in completing a project on time, within budget, and with the desirable level of quality.

All of our team are well versed in providing expert PPM services to supplement internal capabilities, and apply their industry knowledge and best practice to deliver increased productivity and value compared to traditional models. Our focus is to ensure that the true benefits of a project, programme or initiative are clearly defined and that we can help the business improve delivery, demonstrating tangible benefits and value add, and achieve an improvement in key metrics such as profitability or customer satisfaction.

We are well versed in providing scalable teams and resources as meets your needs, and can cover one, several or all Project/Programme areas whether this is client side, or supporting schemes both locally and internationally. Our team are often brought in to provide turnaround support to businesses, and are adept at providing structure and simplicity to often complex problems and scenarios, and are well experienced in the need for delivery of sensitive, commercial and discrete assignments.

Interim Management

We work on solution based delivery that focuses on the clients’ business needs. We combine commercial outcomes with clear process and audit trails. Our knowledge of government (both UK and abroad) combined with private sector experience enables us to solve problems. We work in both construction and operational environments giving you a whole life solution. Our directors and associates are well versed in the nature of interim assignments, and delivering in what is often complex, sensitive conditions for both our clients, and the wider industry.

The reasons for implementing business continuity can vary significantly, be that regulatory, reactively, or during times of change. At HSW, we believe the key to business continuity and interim support for our clients is the ability to quickly ascertain the extent of any need, and the provision of that extra resilience in a calm and effective manner. With a diverse background of industries, and a number of frontline specialists, we stick to what we know and we don’t consult in areas we don’t know. This concentration of knowledge and expertise in HSW delivers time crucial results for our clients.

Our team believes passionately in helping clients to help themselves, empowering them to use methodologies, which embed knowledge and expertise in their organisation, providing them with control and management of their systems.

All of our representatives are well versed in best practice and project delivery processes, project gate reviews, assurance, and independent technical and commercial audit. Our discreet approach to tackling problems and providing key services through seamless end-to-end process enables delivery to be managed successfully, in a transparent and evidence based way.

Business Readiness

As a boutique consultancy, we are particularly sensitive to the needs of our clients, and our experienced team employ a pragmatic evidence driven approach to ensure projects, initiatives, and commissions are ‘Day 1 ready’. By providing a comprehensive level of support and assurance to phased schemes of works, our people are often entrusted to integrate and align increasingly complex schemes across various industries.

The breadth of experience supplied to clients, and the wide array of tools and techniques deployed to manage and mitigate emerging risks has seen a request for our services, and assurance on works delivery being deployed increasingly earlier on major programmes, whether they are large scale infrastructure works, or change management and efficiency drives across an industry.