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LEAN / Continuous Improvement

Lean is a very practical, common sense approach where logical ideas can realise huge benefits but business can often overlook it not realising the potential, they remain clunky and look to job cuts, scale back capital investment or make do as a way to save money often sacrificing quality, customer satisfaction and competitiveness.

Toyota is often regarded as one of the world’s benchmark organisations. With global profits averaging £1.4 billion / month [2014/2015] these figures are truly remarkable when you consider they operate in the world’s largest and most feistily competitive industry sector where capacity out strips global demand. .

Toyotas success is widely attributed to the lean culture embedded into fabric of the company. The application of lean processes and tools to drive a culture of continuous improvement with full engagement of the entire workforce (not the few chosen ones) typically seen with six sigma.

Lean principles can be applied to virtually anything, just consider for a moment how obvious the 7  common areas where wasteful activity occur.

Our experience in deployment of lean tools and techniques to eradicate wasteful activity in business will drive and deliver the improvements the customers often seek.

Pit Stop Maintenance

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LEAN Products

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LEAN Learning & Coaching

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Reliability Growth Planning

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