From our manufacturing facility we are able to design, manufacture, supply and install a wide-range of Lean-related equipment, either off the shelf or bespoke designs to meet your needs.  If you would like to find out more or have any other requirements we’d be delighted to help, so please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Visual Management Centres

Pit Stop Maintenance Equipment

Pit Stop Mobile Rooms

Our Visualisation Boards are purpose-built metal boards designed to last in all environments, and can be manufactured in all shapes and sizes.  They can be wall-mounted, floor-mounted, or free-standing, and when floor mounted are designed without dangerous legs sticking out that can cause trips and falls.  Their borderless design also means that there is no limit to the size of print that can be applied – larger prints are just applied across as many boards as required.  In addition we can provide status symbols, windows for displaying charts or plans from A0 to A5, bespoke designed magnets, and any design of board skins tailored to suit your business.

Pit Stop Maintenance is the concept of having the correct tools, spares and equipment at point of use to improve incident response times and reduce wasted time travelling to stores.  We have successfully deployed our Pit Stop equipment across London Underground and Network Rail, where our experts worked with the end-users to identify the tools, spares and equipment required at their locations, and then designed bespoke storage solutions based on LEAN principles.  The concept is particularly successful when deploying ‘Golden Asset’ principles where a rapid response is required at critical locations to minimise the impact on customers or clients, it is equally successful in a maintenance environment when having the correct equipment to hand can greatly reduce maintenance times.

If a suitable room is not available at your identified location, we can supply mobile solutions in various sizes to be set up as Pit Stop Maintenance Stores.  The rooms come fully equipped with power, heating and lighting, and can be configured with Pit Stop Equipment to suit your requirements.  All that is required on site is a suitable surface to place the room, power, and a safe walking route for staff to access.

Point Care Kits

Scotch & Clip Kits

When your staff have to undertake points maintenance, they often have to walk long distances from the access point to the location carrying circa 20kgs of tools and equipment in the dark across unstable terrain.  The chances of staff being injured are huge.  Our point care kits are installed at point of use, so negate that manual handling risk.  The large outer case is mounted either to a wall or building, or to posts which can be installed on site.  The two interior cassettes are then designed and equipped to meet the maintenance requirements of the types of points installed at that location.  The point care kits are robust and secure with a two-lock strategy, and can be registered on your asset management system as an asset so that they are maintained at the same time as the points.

In the event of points failures the points will often be locked in one position to maintain a reasonable level of service for the rest of the day.  Scotch and Clip (or Clip and Scotch) Kits are used for this purpose.  To expedite service recovery in the event of an incident our kits can be deployed at critical locations to ensure that the impact on the service is kept to a minimum.  The kits have a see-through front so that they can be maintained easily and regularly to ensure that the equipment is always available when required.