HSW are experts in Operational Excellence. Our staff have years of experience in Continuous Improvement and Lean management. We can design and implement bespoke programmes for your organisation. We manufacture and supply our own Lean equipment, from visual management centres, through to just-in-time solutions for operational environments. We also deliver a wide-range of Lean awareness, training and coaching. Our key areas of expertise include:

Operational Excellence / Continuous Improvement / Lean

Lean is often defined as the relentless and continuous pursuit of the elimination of waste, to provide the highest quality products for the lowest reasonable cost and ultimate value for money for the customer.

HSW have extensive experience in combining our expertise in the many Lean tools and techniques, with our unique focus on people and organisational behaviour.

Lean Leadership Training

Whilst Lean tools and techniques are fundamental requirements in any operational excellence programme, the right leadership behaviours and culture are far more important. Tools and techniques are no good if staff are not engaged and motivated to use them.

Our training programmes have been adapted through years of experience to focus on these required ‘human’ elements, aimed at changing the way people think and act. The other key element is the nature of the training, highly-interactive in the learning environment, but more importantly reinforced by follow-on coaching, whilst the delegates deliver a project to embed their learning.

Pit Stop Maintenance

In the event of equipment failure, pit stop maintenance aims to minimise operational downtime, by providing the right tools, spares and equipment at operationally critical locations.

Our unique approach includes in-depth data analysis of operational failures, operational criticality and risk to identify suitable locations. This is followed by a thorough survey to identify suitable solutions. We then work with frontline staff to identify tools, spares and materials requirements for these locations, whilst building a sense of ownership whilst the solution is being implemented.

Finally, processes are designed and implemented such as QR coding of all materials, to support re-supply.

See our Equipment Page for examples.

Lean Equipment

From our manufacturing facility in the UK we are able to design, manufacture, supply and install a wide range of Lean related equipment, either off the shelf or bespoke to meet your needs.

Our visual management boards have been designed to be fully customisable for your environment. Our just-in-time solutions can be installed in a room of your choice or supplied in bespoke site cabins, with optional choices, including messing and toilet facilities.