Our planning capabilities span across both those required in business and for major programmes and projects. We have many years of experience and expertise across all areas, from inception or ideation, through plan development, delivery and governance. Our key areas of planning expertise include:

Strategic Planning / Hoshin Kanri

The fundamental purpose of strategic planning is to align a company’s mission and vision, answering the question “How will we get there?”

Strategic planning, also known as policy deployment or Hoshin Kanri, is a proven approach that provides a systematic way to align the objectives and actions across all levels of the organisation. It provides a clear path from why we exist today (our mission), to where we want to be (our vision).

Quite simply, strategic planning is the marriage of ‘management by objectives’ with the Deming ‘PDCA’ (plan-do-check-act) cycle. This is a two-way process, where goals and targets are discussed and managed at every level of the organisation.

Business Requirements Development

Vision and strategy are fundamental in the success of major programmes and projects. The successful interpretation of a vision into a clear concise business requirement, is a critical factor in ensuring the success of any programme or project.

Whether supporting a new programme or project or rescuing a failing one, HSW can undertake a variety of deep dive reviews to ascertain current status and then provide a clear action plan to ensure business requirements drive desired outcomes.

All too often poor business requirement capture is cited as the root cause when projects fail. At HSW, our mission is to ensure your vision becomes a reality.

Operational & Maintenance Concepts

No matter what their interest or role may be, the development of an effective operational concept must consider all stakeholders of a proposed or actual system. At HSW, we are finely attuned to your needs and are able to deploy a number of tools and techniques to realise visions and strategies with clear systems and structures.

An effective operational concept should be as relevant to high-level decision makers, as it is to system operators, staff and customers.

The development, facilitation and management of an open forum by HSW enables powerful representations of the types of issues organisations need their employees to engage with.

Franchise & Concession Tender Development

Our unique market sector insights enable us to provide bespoke consultancy, assurance and project management support for the development of franchise and concession tender submissions, at all stages of the process.

We can provide leadership and support at every step and believe that the best outcomes are often bespoke to your requirements, but we always integrate best practice.

We have extensive expertise across a wide range of commercial models such as PPP and PFI and across all functions such as commercial, engineering, finance, operations, planning, policy, and procurement. We have experience of engaging industry-wide at all levels, including local and national government, infrastructure owners, franchisees and operators and metro and light railways.