HSW is a niche Consultancy that has grown rapidly since inception in 2007. We are located in Central London and operate globally with offices in the U.K. and the Middle East.

We specialise in helping infrastructure and service organisations develop and embed a culture of operational excellence to improve strategic and day-to-day ‘BAU’ business performance. We understand the difficulties of trying to meet challenging business plan objectives and targets whilst maintaining or improving BAU performance, we understand the need to keep customers happy and meet their expectations whilst offering excellent value for money.

So whether your focus is on strategic or BAU performance, our end to end holistic operational excellence approach means that we have the right expertise, experience, and solutions to meet your needs.

At the core of our approach is something that all organisations have – people. They are undoubtedly the most important asset in any organisation, and we firmly believe that developing leadership, management, behaviours and culture is the key to success. Unlocking people’s potential, enabling and empowering innovation and change, will result in the Number 1 benefit for any business; a high-performing workforce focussed and determined to deliver excellence.

Why do we do it? Because at HSW we are all passionate about the long term success of your business. We have all seen or heard of business improvement projects that fail because they focussed on rolling out a host of tools and techniques, rather than focussing on the people. And we know that for change and improvements to be sustainable, it will be your people that will ensure the legacy remains long after we have gone.


With constant business challenges, it’s sometimes hard just dealing with the day-to-day wants and needs.

Let HSW take the strain, and keep you one step ahead…

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